Youth Services

SAYSS is dedicated to exposing young people – ages 8-19 – to experiences and opportunities that raise the bar on their awareness of positive opportunities and experiences available to them now and in the future.

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Not all teens are troubled.  Many are on the right path, but lack family knowledge or strong mentors to help them realize their dreams to go to college, learn a trade, or start a business.  That’s where SAYSS’ mentors and experiences fill the gap!  Our Youth Services include:

  • Education beyond the classroom, including individual tutoring, college and SAT prep, workshops on study skills, writing essays, creating resumes, preparing for interviews, job-search skills, internships, and more.
  • Mentoring by dedicated, screened, adult volunteers who have a wealth of knowledge and experience that can assist young people in navigating their life experiences, take them to cultural and recreational events, help them with their studies, etc.
  • Group Sessions that raise awareness about youth victimization, cyber-bullying, domestic violence, coping skills, public health issues that affect families and society, and discussions about mental, physical, and spiritual challenges young people face.
  • Counseling Referrals when needed.  Within legal boundaries, this will include referrals related to family, mental, medical, and educational assistance.
  • Outreach Programs Support – which means SAYSS will help locate local services that provide individual, family, and community support, such as food, clothing, shelter, and other housing assistance.
  • Volunteer Opportunities that will give young people in our programs a chance to “give back” to their community by hosting fundraisers, volunteering at food banks, community events, and other organizations.
  • Cultural Experiences that include classes in dance, martial arts, hiking, attending theatre, music, dance performances, and touring museums, parks, and other local attractions.

Youth Support Team

SAYSS has assembled a talented team of individuals who have various roles in facilitating our Youth Services Program.  They include staff, volunteers, educators, community leaders, health and medical professionals, and college students.

Program Location

SAYSS will host most workshops, classes, and group sessions at SAYSS’ headquarters, located in Upper Marlboro, MD.  Many SAYSS activities and events will take place at other DC, Maryland, and Virginia locations.  In most cases, transportation will be provided.